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About Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an arcade game where players control a character and cross busy roads, rivers, and railroads. The journey is full of vehicles and obstacles. Try to go as far as possible to achieve a high score.

How to play Crossy Road

Cross the road!

Crossy Road game is all about crossing the road! The game is set in an environment filled with busy traffic and obstacles. Players must control a character, and move left/right/forward/backward through an endless path. There are busy roads, train tracks, and rivers. The path is filled with different moving vehicles and obstacles. Try to avoid hitting a vehicle or obstacle to survive.

It's not easy because some vehicles move at really high speeds. And there are times when you must hop on the logs or other floating objects to pass the river. Timing and precision are important!

There's a catch! Do not stay still for too long! The screen will move gradually. So if you stand still for too long, you will lose the game when the screen moves over the character. Be aware of vehicles and obstacles but don't be so slow!

Go as far as you can

The game game features an endless journey. The main objective is to get as far as possible. The longer you travel, the higher your score. So it all depends on the distance that you've traveled. So move the character quickly and carefully to avoid all kinds of challenges.

Adapt to constantly changing environment

In this game, the environment is not static. It changes dynamically as players progress through the game. When you advance in the game, the speed and frequency of obstacles also increase.

For example, you may encounter roads with speeding cars. There are also rivers with floating logs and turtles, or train tracks with fast-moving trains.

This adds the difficulty to the game and requires players to adapt to new challenges.

Collect coins to unlock new characters

You will start as a chicken. When you embark on a journey, try to collect coins along the way to unlock more characters. It ranges from animals to mythical creatures, and cultural icons.

You can play as:

  • Chicken
  • Dragon
  • T-Rex
  • Dragon
  • Pac-Man
  • ,... and more.

Controls in the game

Use the arrow keys to move the character.

Press the Spacebar to confirm an action.

Game Features

Endless arcade racing

The game features an endless gaming experience. Players need to navigate a series of roads, rivers, and train tracks. There is no end and limit and players must strive for higher scores!

Vibrant pixel art visuals

The game's pixel art visuals are vibrant and charming. It creates an enjoyable experience for players.

Dynamic environment

The game features dynamic environments that change as players progress. This offers a variety of challenges such as speeding cars on roads, floating logs in rivers, and fast-moving trains on train tracks. Additionally, the time of day and weather conditions can also change.

Tips and tricks!

Watch out for obstacles

Keep an eye out for trains, cars, and other hazards that could end your game. Learn their patterns and timing to avoid getting hit.

Collect coins

Gather as many coins as you can during your run in Crossy Road online. You can use these coins to unlock new characters. Each character has special abilities that can help you progress further in the game.

Stay focused

Concentrate on the game and avoid distractions. This can help you react to oncoming obstacles quickly.

Use the environment to your advantage

Look for opportunities to cross using floating logs, lily pads, or other environmental elements to help you progress.

Crossy Road features a fantastic endless hopper journey. Players must try hard to guide the character through the path. Lots of moving obstacles and traffic are waiting for you to pass! Have fun playing!

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